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Space and time are inseparably linked. Longitude, latitude, altitude and depth rely on the precision of time. If you arrive with accuracy, your timing will open new adventures along your journey. So wherever you may be in the world, or in life, you can rely on the precision of AVIATOR timepiece to guide you on your way. Since accuracy and precision are inherent in the world of aviation, they are also genetically engineered to be at the core of every watch we design. After all, the mechanical precision and aerodynamics that allow airplanes to fly and accomplish their missions are in the DNA of every key component in each AVIATOR timepiece. What is left for you to take command over is how to best pair your hours and minutes to your next longitude and latitude.


Aerodynamics is crucial in determining the fundamental forces of flight. Lift, drag, thrust, and weight are affected by how the clouds, wind, and air stream over a plane at various altitudes and conditions. Just as how the way air moves is determined by the lines, edges, surfaces, and shapes of an aircraft, the comfortable fit of an AVIATOR timepiece around your wrist is determined by its curves and flexibility. Taking inspiration from the pure lines and sleek surfaces of an airplane fuselage, AVIATOR watch is ergonomically designed to feel seamless and fuse with your own personal style.


All the many moving parts of an engine must be perfectly timed to give an aircraft power to provide lift off the ground. It takes an intricate sequence from the engine’s throttle and the valves, to the pistons and cylinders to work together and take off. Every cog, wheel attached to spring, and mechanical piece moves with intricate precision, as well, inside an AVIATOR watch. Designed to align you with accuracy in achieving perfection at a split-second decision, each timepiece has a unique style and proven to be the utmost in excellence, especially to the rigorous standards of Swiss Movement and aerospace engineering.


Ingrained in our design is a deep respect for aviation’s rich history in unsurpassed milestones, heroic feats, and for the passion to unite the dreamers with those who conquered the sky. Achievements in history were made by distinctly different aircrafts that turned dreams into legends. In each of our aviation-inspired collections, AVIATOR strives to pair the same detail in design, heritage and prestigious values that were specific to a particularly important era in aviation history.
The design concept for every AVIATOR timepiece begins with an intense study of a particular aircraft and its monumental accomplishments in history. It is by extracting the core values of that era that then become translated into the functionality and design accents of that watch. 3D modeling that utilizes the most advanced design software used in watchmaking, automobile, aircraft and aerospace industries helps forecast our vision and finesse our design process.
AVIATOR designers consider all technical aspects in the creation of each timepiece. Every detail from aesthetics to ergonomic fit, precision in functionality to performance that exceeds expectations are all measured, calculated and integrated into the core design. From here, engineers render final 3D models and conceptual drawings to further define or enhance specific functionalities, materials, color, shape, and finishing of each component before it is ready for production.
Prototyping is an essential and critical phase in the design process. Creating a prototype can prove whether a design is flawless. For this reason, AVIATOR adheres to a stringent set of goals for each of its aviation-inspired watches. To prove perfection parallels precision, no less than three prototypes are created before a new model is ready for production. It is during this process that engineers, designers and watchmakers collaborate to finesse all the finite details. This spirit of getting a vision off the ground is one that is celebrated by all facets of those involved in the design, engineering and making of that particular watch.
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