An AVIATOR isn’t just made. It’s born from the passion of innovative design and superb craftsmanship. Since 2000 we have been dedicated to crafting the best collection of modern day pilot watches for aviation professionals and watch enthusiasts. When designing each unique pilot’s watch at our R&D facilities, inside the control tower of regional Swiss Jura airport, we’ve looked to the heroes of the past, the dreamers of today, and the innovators of tomorrow to organically fuse the spirit of aviation in both function and design. Built to withstand the rigors of flying with a distinct style you can call your own, each timepiece serves as a reminder to stay passionate in all your life’s adventures.

To reach the impossible, aviation pioneers like the Wright Brothers set their sights for the skies and eventually made history. Going beyond inspiration from the past, AVIATOR works closely with professional pilots to design each watch and to achieve flawless functionality under real flying conditions. Through passionate research and development, all of our watches are created as a reminder to keep setting your sights high so you too can land right where you want to be.
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Aviation DNA in each AVIATOR Watch represented by hirstory of aviation starting from Wright Brothers
Watchmaking has withstood the test of time in the Swiss Jura Valley, the heart of horology and birthplace to the world’s finest timepieces. AVIATOR was built on this rich history and continues to evolve its own watchmaking traditions to produce a robust collection of fine watches. By inheriting more than 200 years of expertise, the world’s elite watchmaking masters engineer and design each watch with superb materials and unprecedented craftsmanship. A timeless heritage isn’t just prestige in the moment, it’s one you’ll be proud to leave as your legacy in the future.
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Craftmanship is the key value of AVIATOR watches represented by our skillful watchmakers
By pairing the same detail in design, heritage and prestige that were specific to a crucial era in aviation history, our modern day pilot watches unite mechanical precision with unparalleled styling. From design and technical development to prototyping, the highest quality standards are fused in each model’s design. After all, good design incorporates styling with functionality and engineering with impeccable precision.
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Design is inspired by aviation which reflects in every detail of AVIATOR watch
Bringing research, quality and tradition inspired by the world of aviation to create the modern day pilot’s watch that accompanies the passion along your life’s journey.